The BCMHSUS Centre For Learning Is For:
  • Improving Care and Strengthening Hope

    To help the move towards a province wide strategy for treating some of the most vulnerable people in our communities we've designed the Centre for Learning as as single educational and informational resource for service providers, individuals with lived and living experience, and their families.

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  • Exploration

    This is a site where learning can happen anywhere... within original curriculum, hand-picked program and activity recommendations, resource libraries, communities of practice, the latest news and research...all framed by a unique way to assess and identify precisely the learning you need. 

  • Insight and Self-Awareness

    Self-access you current competencies over a range of domains. Identify and discover ongoing professional-development opportunities based on your current occupational role.
     The Concurrent Disorders Toolkit and Framework

  • Sharing and Connecting with Expertise
    • Access expert presentations to support your ongoing knowledge & practice
    • Keep up with current & emerging evidence to improve care within MHSU across the province.
    • Stay aware of system level needs for people with mental health & substance use issues.  
  • Connecting With Communities of Practice

    The Provincial Mental Health & Substance Use ECHO is an evidence-informed way to better serve people with complex mental health and substance use issues, through collaboratively identifying issues and ideas, and creating system-level change in B.C.  

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  • Bringing You The Latest Information

    The BCMHSUS Resource Finder is a growing library of new & emerging knowledge, best practices, evidence-based learning informational and educational resources.

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  • Original Cutting-Edge Curriculum


    The Introduction to Concurrent Disorders is a three-part program handcrafted by BCMHSUS content specialists. Sign in and access the first two modules already loaded in your Dashboard!  Learn More

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